Counter-Strike is one of the most popular games among network and single one. A lot of people all over the world are well doing with it. They`re not just having fun, but treat it as professional game for e-sport. Somebody prefers to watch. So, cs bet looks more attractive for them. Either play or watch, but Counter-Strike game is staying famous and popular for years.

Main idea of the game and its goal

The main idea of this game is confrontation between two teams. Those are Terrorism Team and Counter-Terrorism Team. Each player has to choose which one he'll play for. Main goal of the game is to destroy enemies or do a map task. The more tasks you'll do, the more money you'll get. Then you'll be able to buy better weapons. As a result, you'll get more chances to win.


Likewise, there are two kinds of maps. "Hostage Rescue" is made to save hostages from terrorists. Even if only one of them die means that you lose. The main idea of  "Bomb" (map) is to undermine mined bomb in a certain place.


As a rule, there are many questions about weapons. It's really a lot to talk about. If we would like to tell shortly, there are few groups:

- guns (USP, Glock, Desert Eagle);

- submachine gun (Heckler&Koch  MP5);

- Assault and sniper rifles, assault rifles (Colt M4A1, Automatic Kalashnikov AK-47, GALIL, FAMAS, Accuracy Internationale AWP Magnum).

The most important rule in it is competent using.

Counter-Strike as kind of e-sport

Counter-Strike is not just a game. It's one of the best kinds at e-sport. Those guys who work with it for years are playing worldwide and winning great games and big money. Those, who keep their mind on e-sport usually, do counter strike betting on favorite players or teams and win, getting not just pleasure, but prize as well.

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