League of legends

League of  Legends. Main idea.

League of Legends (LoL) is made in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre by Riot Games Company. Not that long time ago Forbes called this game the most popular in North America and Europe consider to numbers of played hours. Nowadays quantity of players counts more than 67 million.  Coupled with this fact, quantity of people who are doing league of legends betting is growing as well.

Game process

League of Legends is multiuser online combat arena, where players control their heroes that usually are called “champions”. Competitions held between a team with four allies against another team. You can upgrade level of your Champion killing enemy champions and at the same time make league of legends bet. Player may get some gold even when he’s doing nothing, but gets much more killing minions, towers that guard the line and neutral monsters. In virtue of gold, opportunity to buy stuffs is growing, which also helps to increase champion’s strength.

Summoner’ personification

There is way to personified in “Summoner” and play as steady game element. Summoners usually accumulate experience points and “Influence Points” after each match. Depending on experience points quantity the level is growing, sometimes it can get to the highest 30th  one. The higher level you have, the more “Influence Points” you can get and open Rune Page slots (may have some influence on esports betting league of legends). There are few categories of runes:

-        Marks;

-        Seals;

-        Glyphs;

-        Quintessences.

They usually help to improve appearances and talents to achieve next level faster (maybe it even can predict league of legends bets some way).

“Do I have to pay?”

This question is very common. Thus it’s better to say once again that LoL is totally free game. Of course, there are some resources that you may pay for if you want to upgrade it. Those are champion’s appearances, totems and different accelerators. You may buy Riot Points and Influence Points using real money as well. As usual, you may do lol bets.

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