StarCraft is one of the cult computer games. It’s made in genre of real time strategy. Blizzard Entertainment is developing this project for many years. Modern technologies coupled with new ideas gave new StarCraft II. It gives a new opportunity for many users to start playing a brand-new game that they know and make some starcraft betting as well.


First of all, StarCraft is a bit similar to Warcraft II. Here we have three kinds of races:

- Terran;

- Prottoss;

- Zegr.

The great thing is that there is full balance between belligerents. Each team has its own appearances, strategy and characteristics of their representatives. Neither race has significant advantage over the other one. As a result, it’s easier to predict the result on starcraft 2 betting.

For those who are on very Beginner level of this game better to start on Normal. It means that attacks are pretty rarely and you’ll have time to learn how to treat yourself in this environment.  According with rules you can play on LAN or make it for free on Blizzard Entertainment official server. Also, you can find out some information about sc bet.

You can discover different maps during the game. For this purpose you may find out lands, unaffordable rocks, water barriers and areas of free space. On the start time most of land is covered with fog and kind of invisible. After you’ll go through it and make all tasks it’ll become visible and discovered.

Attacks and economic

There are two main types of resources that you have to find: minerals and gas. The resources usually influence on level of industrial developing. Likewise, there are some restrictions. For example, you can’t have 200 points of provision (but it doesn’t influence for sc 2 betting).

During the game you have to earn hit, energy and shield points accordingly to rules.

StarCraft has been a very popular game and still is staying on this way. It’s a national kind of e-sport in Korea and other countries in all over the world.

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