World of Tanks

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is multiplayer online real-time game in genre of arcade tank simulator in the historic setting of the Second World War. It was developed by Belarusian Company This game represents one of the most popular computer games in the world, which is made in Belarus. World of Tanks is positioned as action with elements of role-playing, shooter and strategy. The number of players that is growing proportionally affects increase of world of tanks bet as well.


There is no need to play single mode, so you can start from the battle as soon as you start the game. Each user gets one unit of tanks from each nation with fully trained crew initially. Subsequently, as soon as you get in to the battle you start to get "credits", train the crew and accumulate experience points. So then it helps to get to the new units and combat vehicles. Each model has a number of armored units that are tool, tower, engine and radio station. Of course, you always have chance to upgrade it as you have choice on wot bet. If you have unuseful tools there is always way how to sell it and get some interest.


The game is going between two teams, each one has 15 players. At the same time it's pretty possible to combine tanks from different nations and years. You'll become winner as soon as you'll fully destroy enemy's team or you'll capture his base.

Communication during the game

However communication between players is totally important during the game. Actually, there are two ways how to communicate:

- chat;

- voice (in platoon, company or in the training room).

The player, whose tank was destroyed quits, but he still may watch the battle by camera mode. As usual, there is ranking systems, which shows winning and losing statistic. It may help to predict tanks betting for future tournaments. 

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