Responsible Betting

Responsible Betting

Online betting is a great source of entertainment which we are happy to offer to our customers on Our mission is to promote betting as enjoyable and fair experience among our users. At the same time, we do realise that it can cause problems for some users.

We take our social responsibilities very seriously in this regards. We have enabled responsible betting policy and measures that we would like to explain to you in details.

Please note that You are not allowed to use our Services if:

  1. you have been diagnosed with a gaming disorder, or
  2. you have been undergoing treatment for a gaming disorder, or
  3. you are unsound mind, or
  4. you have not reached minimum legal age

We are strongly committed to protecting people from gambling-related harm and always adhering to ethical and responsible betting procedures in our practice. We encourage you to familiarise yourselves with information about responsible betting. It is our duty to do everything in our power to help and prevent irresponsible betting behaviour and problems associated with it.

However would like to note that any use of the Services is at your sole option, discretion and risk. By using the Services, you acknowledge that you are fully aware of a risk of losing money when betting and that you are fully responsible for any such loss.

We can not be held liable or responsible for your betting activities if you intentionally and continuously neglect our responsible betting policies.

Protecting Minors

We are dedicated to ensure that our website provides a safe place for online betting. We do our best to prevent underaged betting. Please note that you should reach minimum legal age allowing you to use our Betting Services in your state, province or country of residence. takes its responsibility to establish and maintain such restriction very seriously and reserves its right to perform age verification procedures and suspend doubtful accounts until necessary checks are completed and we receive satisfactory evidence of your age and eligibility to use our Betting Services.

Parental Control

We believe that protection of minors is most effective when this responsibility is shared with parents/caregivers, thus we encourage to use the following blocking software and Internet filters that are available for Android and/or iOS:

We encourage parents to take a greater control of their children's online activities to prevent any harmful experiences and underage betting by installing the built-in parental controls on various devices such as TV, tablets, mobiles and PCs. Please note that all users must be at least 18 years old of age or the legal age as applicable in your jurisdiction in order to use our Betting Services.

If you have any concerns about underage betting with, please contact us immediately at [email protected].


We encourage you take take control of your betting habits. If you feel you have lost or may lose control over your gaming or gambling expenses or feel at risk of losing control, you should notify us immediately by sending an email to [email protected].

You may self-exclude yourself from our Services or impose bet limits on yourself for the term determined by you. In order to do that you should send a request from the email address you used to register with us to [email protected]. If you do not specify the term you will be self-excluded for one (1) month. We will not honor your request to reverse self-exclusion or lift such restriction for the term specified by you or earlier than one month if the self-exclusion term has not been requested by you.

For more information on problem gaming and for online help for problem gamblers, please, check the following links:

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